Magic Mobility Power Chairs

Empowering people to push boundaries and experience a world that’s not flat.

Proudly Australian owned and operated, Magic Mobility has been helping people experience the freedom and adventure that comes with a go-anywhere wheelchair since 1994. Magic has made a name for itself developing customised wheelchairs that empower end-users, by enabling them to go places that ‘standard’ wheelchairs can’t go.

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Magic 360 Urban Power Wheelchair
Magic 360 Crossover Power Wheelchair
Magic 360 Off-road Power Wheelchair
Magic Mobility <br/>Frontier V6 All Terrain
Magic Mobility<br/>Frontier V6 Hybrid
Magic Mobility <br/>Extreme X8
Magic Mobility <br/>Frontier V6 Compact 40
Magic Mobility <br/>Frontier V6 Compact 73
Magic Mobility <br/>Frontier V4 Hybrid FWD
Magic Mobility <br/>Frontier V4 Hybrid RWD
Magic Mobility <br/>Frontier V4 Off-Road FWD
Magic Mobility <br/>Frontier V4 Off-Road RWD