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The experts in customisation

Power Mobility specialises in the customisation of mobility equipment including power wheelchairs, specialised seating, controls and accessories, plus much more. Our technicians are renowned for providing unique customisation solutions – a result of many years of ‘thinking outside the box’ to create the best outcomes for our clients.

Our Technical Director has more than 30 years’ experience working closely with people with many different kinds of disability, to create mobility equipment with highly customised controls designed to make life easier.


Customising a power wheelchair

Power wheelchairs are essentially made up of two major components which can be customised to suit you: the power base, which includes the motors, wheels, controller and batteries, and the seating system.



Selecting the right base

Power chairs can have up to six wheels and come in rear wheel, mid wheel, front wheel and all wheel drive configurations. Understanding the pros and cons of the different drive configurations is key to ensuring you get the chair that will work best for you. You should discuss this with your prescriber and sales consultant before you trial a power wheelchair.


Selecting the right seating

Most power wheelchairs come with adjustable seating to suit a variety of different postures and sitting and reclining positions. Seating is highly customisable and may be fitted with:

  • tilt and recline functions to reduce pressure
  • elevating leg rests
  • custom headrests, back rests and pressure care seat cushioning.

When choosing options and accessories for your seating, you will need to take into consideration your height and weight, and any existing medical conditions, such as pressure areas, etc. Once again, your prescriber will be able to assist with this.

Power Mobility also provides an extensive range of quality cushions and backrests to suit your individual requirements.


Selecting the right controls & accessories

Power wheelchairs are most commonly operated by a programmable joystick, however, different control options are available (such as chin, head, sip & puff), should you find a joystick difficult or not possible to use. There are also many accessories that can be customised and added to your power chair to help make your life easier such as:

  • USB charger
  • bag hooks
  • tables
  • cup holder
  • mobile phone holder
  • plus many more.


Get the right advice from trusted professionals

Assessment and advice are vital to making the right choice when it comes to customising your power wheelchair. At Power Mobility, we can help you choose the right model at the right price, to suit your specific needs. We also have a team of highly trained and experienced technicians on hand to customise your power chair in our well-equipped workshop. Your prescriber or therapist, experienced Power Mobility sales consultant and highly trained Power Mobility technician will work together to create the best possible outcome for you.