Cushions, Backrests & Headrests

Having the right cushion, backrest and headrest for your wheelchair enhances your comfort, control, safety and overall well-being. At Power Mobility, we offer an extensive selection of quality cushions, backrests and headrests in a range of sizes and materials to suit your individual needs. You can rely on our expert team to help you make the right choice from our range of trusted brands.

Spex Adapta Back Supports

Supporting complex postures through the adaptive Profile Curvature System. There are two styles of Adapta Back Supports – Adapta 2 and Adapta 3. The rigid aluminium back support shell is split into two or three different sections which can be adjusted to achieve a natural contour to position and support the pelvis and spine. Achieve the shape needed to support the user by contouring the rigid aluminium shell, rather than the foam padding. To find out more, please download the brochure or view the video.

Spex Seating

Providing the perfect blend of form and function, Spex™ accomplishes what the seating clinician desires and the user needs. Distinguished by high standards of design and clinical evaluation, Spex™ delivers an uncompromising seating choice packed with clever advantages.

Spex Head Support Pads

Spex Head Support Pads are constructed from an internal aluminium shell covered by an injection moulded polyurethane foam to ensure smooth and comfortable support surface. The family of head support shapes have been geometrically and biomechanically designed to give greater support and stability for head positioning for wheelchair users. Along with the versatile Spex Stylo hardware, it’s possible to accommodate an extensive range of head positioning requirements.

You can download the Spex Head Support Pads Brochure here.


ROHO seating and positioning systems are built for comfort and safety. No matter who you are or where you sit, this patented air-cell technology lets the cushion move as you do, preventing pressure injuries and ensuring your long-term well-being.


JAY wheelchair cushions are designed to stabilise the pelvis, protect skin from the risk of breakdown and position the body. Premium materials and positioning components create low maintenance, highly customisable seating solutions. With so many options available, you’re sure to find a JAY wheelchair cushion to fit your individual needs.

JAY wheelchair backrests are designed to optimise function and comfort. These lateral back supports are designed to be lightweight and easy to use. Their contoured back shells, soft foam and adjustable components offer stability and comfort, to reduce fatigue and maximise function. JAY’s extensive size and contour range means there is a wheelchair back to meet your needs.


Stealth Products offer the highest quality and attention to detail in seating and back solutions. ADI back supports can help overcome any obstacle you may encounter while trying to achieve targeted, custom and growable back solutions. Choose from a multitude of standard and configurable back frameworks to suit your individual needs.

Star Cushion

Star Cushion Products has been a leader in therapeutic wheelchair cushions and mattress overlays for nearly 20 years. These high quality, multi-celled air cushions and mattresses are designed to positively impact the life of each individual who uses them, through exceptional quality, product performance and continued innovation.


Finding the right postural support system is the first step towards a fuller, healthier lifestyle. That’s why Varilite products are designed to provide superior stability, comfort and ease-of-use.


EquaGel is made of a dry-polymer gel that is almost rubbery to the touch. This gel forms columns in the EquaGel cushion and when a user sits on the cushion, the columns buckle into the hollow area between the walls for comfort and support. Air channels between the gel walls promote air flow. This, along with the breathable cover, optimises skin microclimate. EquaGel cushions are maintenance-free, do not require set-up and are flexible for use on slung wheelchairs seats.


The Ottobock range of support cushions is designed to provide a high level of comfort and stability. The modular design is ideal for individuals at high risk of pressure ulcers and those with conditions that change over time.


Inspired by the therapist and designed by the user. V-Trak are designers and manufacturers of innovative seating and positioning equipment, especially wheelchair users. Driven by a core principle of Productive Empathy, their collective and holistic approach to research, design and manufacture results in products which maximise comfort, function and long-term health.