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Many people rely on funding to purchase the mobility equipment they need. Fortunately, there a number of organisations and government initiatives in place to provide financial support. At Power Mobility, we have experience with all funding options, whether you are privately funded, have a Home Care Package, are funded by the NDIS, MASS or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. To find out which one is right for you, here’s some more information.


NDIS Funding – for Australians under 65

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) helps people under 65 with a disability get care and supports. This may include funding for mobility equipment.

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Home Care Packages

Home Care Packages – for Australians over 65

Generally for people over 65, a government-subsidised home care package offers support ranging from clinical services to the purchase of mobility equipment, designed to make living at home easier.

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Private Funding

Not eligible for government funding?

If you’re not eligible for NDIS funding, a Home Care Package or other government funding, you may have to purchase your mobility equipment with your own money. This is generally referred to as Private Funding. We offer a great range of value-for-money mobility solutions to choose from.


Support from the Department of Veterans Affairs

Power Mobility supplies mobility aids to people funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). For more information, visit dva.gov.au or ask your healthcare professional.


Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme for Queenslanders

Power Mobility supply and repair mobility equipment to eligible Queenslanders funded by the Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS). For more information, visit health.qld.gov.au/mass