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Understanding Different Types Of Wheelchairs

There are many different types of wheelchairs to choose from, depending on your needs. But if you’re not familiar with the terms used and what they mean, it can be a little confusing – especially if you’re buying a wheelchair for a loved one, not yourself.

How do you know what to search for online, or what to ask for in store? Understanding the different types of wheelchairs available can help you narrow down your search and make the whole process much easier. Choosing the wheelchair that’s right for you or your loved one is usually determined by a number of factors including:

  • type of disability
  • daily needs
  • lifestyle
  • comfort
  • price (type of funding, if any).

Take a look at our easy-to-follow guide below, which explains the different types of wheelchairs you’re likely to come across in your search for the right one for you.


What kind of wheelchair do you need?

Non-Scripted Power Wheelchairs

Typically, people use power wheelchairs (which are powered by rechargeable batteries) because they are unable to use a manual wheelchair or an electric scooter. Non-scripted power wheelchairs are generally used by people who don’t have complex needs or major customisation requirements (although some of the features can be adjusted to suit the specific user). Power Mobility offers a great range of non-scripted power wheelchairs including an extensive selection from Pride Mobility.

Scripted Power Wheelchairs

A scripted power wheelchair can be customised specifically for the user, to suit the most complex needs and aid in comfort, support, positioning and mobility. Power Mobility has an extensive range of scripted power wheelchairs including well-known brands such as QuantumMagic Mobility and Ottobock .

Non-Scripted Manual Wheelchairs

Non-scripted manual wheelchairs are usually designed for general use, with some adjustable features. They can be either self-propelled  (you push the chair yourself using your arms) or attendant-propelled (designed to be pushed by someone else). Attendant-propelled wheelchairs usually feature smaller back wheels and tend to be lightweight and foldable for easy transportation. They may also be referred to as transit wheelchairs.

Scripted Manual Wheelchairs

Scripted manual wheelchairs are specifically tailored to suit the user’s individual requirements and measurements. Power Mobility offers a great range of scripted manual wheelchairs including the Ottobock Avantgarde DV  and the Ottobock Zenit.

Tilt-in-Space Manual Wheelchairs

Designed to minimise fatigue caused when the user is required to hold their body upright for long periods of time, tilt-in-space manual wheelchairs allow the entire back and seat to tilt. This facilitates weight redistribution and the preservation of skin integrity. It also optimises user comfort and assists with head control. Both scripted and non-scripted models are available. Power Mobility offers a quality range of tilt-in-space manual wheelchairs including the Fuze T50  by PDG. Ask your therapist which one would suit you best.

Bariatric Wheelchairs

Bariatric wheelchairs (sometime referred to as heavy duty wheelchairs) are ideal for people who require extra seat width, stability and higher weight capacity. They can be manual or power wheelchairs, and both scripted and non-scripted models are available. Power Mobility offers a selection of quality bariatric wheelchairs including the Ottobock Start M4 XXL manual wheelchair and the Quantum 1450 power wheelchair.

Paediatric Wheelchairs

Paediatric wheelchairs are designed for kids and younger users, and usually have different features to those found in adult wheelchairs. They can be manual or power wheelchairs, and both scripted and non-scripted models are available. Check out Power Mobility’s latest paediatric power wheelchair, the Q6 Edge 3 Stretto by Quantum. It’s a little beauty!

Get the right cushion & backrest to suit you

Having the right cushion and backrest for your wheelchair enhances your comfort, control, safety and overall well-being. At Power Mobility, we understand that everyone has unique seating requirements. That’s why we offer an extensive selection of quality cushions and backrests in a range of sizes and materials to suit your individual needs. And you can rely on our expert team to help you make the right choice from our extensive range of trusted brands including ROHO, Jay, Spex, Stealth, Star Cushions, Varilite, Equagel and Ottobock.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: In many cases, it’s necessary to be assessed by a therapist to ensure you receive the right wheelchair for your needs. Ask your healthcare professional for more information.