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How To Get NDIS Approval For Your Magic Mobility Extreme X8 Power Chair

If you’re not aware of its functions, the Magic Mobility Extreme X8 can sometimes be dismissed as a leisure and adventure chair. But like many of our clients, especially those who live in rural areas, we know differently.

The Extreme X8 is for essential use when you live a life that is rural, off-the-beaten track, or you just want to do the things you’ve always done outdoors.

Leonie, her horse Legacy & her Extreme X8

NDIS Approval Declined? Don’t Take No For An Answer!

Many people just want to live the lifestyle they did before needing a wheelchair.

“Like pairs of shoes, not all wheelchairs can go all places – that is, except the Extreme X8,” said Leonie, who received her Extreme X8 in November 2020. “I chose it so it can take me where my manual wheelchair cannot go.”

But getting NDIS funding for the Extreme X8 can be a challenge. The key is not to give up if you are knocked back by the NDIS the first time. Leonie had to clearly spell out exactly why she needed a chair with such power, grunt and off-road capability.

“The first time I applied for funding, it was instantly declined, so I had to fight for funding, explaining that the Extreme X8 was justified as reasonable and necessary for me to access my home safely,” explained Leonie. “I live on a hilly, rural property and the Extreme X8 is necessary to navigate here, and it helps me to achieve my goals.”

“Spelling out exactly how your power wheelchair will meet the goals stated in your NDIS plan is a vital step in the approval process,” explained Scott Keddy, Power Mobility General Manager. “If you need a 4WD chair to access your property and there is no mention of this in your plan, it makes it harder to get approval. This means that clients need to give serious thought to what their goals and objectives are at the plan creation stage, and clearly state them in their plan.”

Leonie can easily traverse rugged terrain in her Magic Mobility Extreme X8

“The Extreme X8 was suggested by my wonderful OT, so I could safely access the outside and do more with my horse again.” Since securing the Extreme X8 Leonie can now access the beautiful place she calls home.

“It’s just the best feeling! I could not believe that I could go to all of these places. I feel like I’ve regained my sense of adventure.”

‘The X8 has given me my life back!’

Leonie’s world has opened up again, allowing her to get close, work and play with her horse, Legacy. Leonie was also over the moon to when she realised that the Extreme X8 could fit in the back of her Land Rover Discovery.

“I’ll be able to enjoy camping again!” she exclaimed. “And full-blown hiking! I am also really excited that the Extreme X8 will allow me to access the beach again!”

The Extreme X8 is more than simply a leisure chair for adventure – it’s a chair designed to take on all the challenges of life you can throw at it.

If you’d like to trial a Magic Mobility Extreme X8 power wheelchair, contact the friendly team at Power Mobility to find out more about this ‘go-anywhere’ chair, or check out the rest of the amazing range of Australian-made Magic Mobility power wheelchairs now!

What’s Considered Reasonable & Necessary By The NDIS?

Our experienced team of power wheelchair specialists can also help you and your therapist with your assessment/submission to the NDIS, so you have the best chance possible of having your chair approved first go! Simply contact us to find out how we can help.