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Magic Mobility’s Most Useful Powerchair Accessories

Ever wanted to know what the two most useful Magic Mobility powerchair accessories in the world are? Here are the top 2 powerchair accessories that people just can’t live without!

Top Accessory No. 1: The Accessory Charger

The standout candidate is the accessory charger. Having power makes you all-powerful! Powering everything from your tablet, smartphone and everything in between, the accessory charger makes you the most popular person in the room. No more hunting for a powerpoint to recharge your essentials – you have it everywhere you go! An accessory charger can be great to have on hand for longer trips, or when you’re going out on your own.

At Power Mobility, we know that it’s really important for wheelchair users to stay connected while you’re on the go. That’s why we offer two accessory chargers that can be added to your Magic Mobility powerchair, to keep your accessories charged while you’re on the move.

Charger Option 1: Charge Up To 3 Devices At Once With 2 USB Ports & One 12V Port

A 12V port is a standard ‘cigarette-lighter’ style connector, commonly found in cars. This charger is traditionally mounted on the side rail of your power wheelchair on the same side as the joystick, however it can also be mounted to the seating side rail.

Charge three devices at once, with two types of connections.

Charger Option 2: Charge 2 External Devices Simultaneously With 2 USB Ports

This charger is also fitted on the same side of the powerchair as the joystick, and is usually fitted under the armrest.

Charge two devices simultaneously while on the go.

Both chargers can be custom fitted, to ensure that your devices are accessible while they’re charging. They can also be fitted to ensure that your device can charge while in a cradle.

Both come with caps for the charging ports, so they can be covered when not in use. This will ensure that they are kept clean, and in good working condition. The accessory chargers can also be retrofitted to any Magic Mobility powerchair model.

Top Accessory No 2: The Cup Holder

The RAM® Level Cup™ Self-Levelling Drink Holder is a favourite right around the world. Take a corner as hard as you like, this holder is ready to ride!

The self-levelling cup holder is one of Magic Mobility’s most popular accessories.

And if you have an attendant, a cup holder can be fitted for them as well! The two types of drink holder are easy to attach, and once in place will become indispensable.


Even your attendant can have a drink on the go!

A great range of RAM® mounts are available for work and play including:

  • Tablet holder
  • Swing away tablet holder
  • Mobile phone holder
  • Swing away camera mount
  • Attendant cup holder
  • Action camera holder.

Contact the friendly team at Power Mobility to find out more about the amazing range of Australian-made Magic Mobility power wheelchairs and the handy selection of accessories designed to make life easier!