Aspire 460mm Weight Bearing Platform Shower Commode

  • 8º backrest angle ensures patient comfort
  • Improved over toilet clearance
  • Integrated access trough improves hygiene while maintaining toilet bowl clearance height of 465mm
  • 4 total locking stainless steel castors provide brake access from all angles
  • Safety arms prevent falls and swing back out of the way for transfers
  • Open armrests style accommodates a wider sitting surface, while maintaining a smaller base footprint for improved accessibility
  • Easy-slide weight-bearing platform footrest slides completely away for transfers
  • Overall Height: 995mm
  • Overall Width: 535mm
  • Backrest Height: 305mm
  • Armrest Height: 225mm
  • Anterior Seat Height: 590mm
  • Posterior Seat Height: 560mm

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