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Amylior Alltrack R3 Hybrid Power Wheelchair

Combining the top attributes of rear-wheel drive and mid-wheel drive electric wheelchairs, the Amylior Alltrack R3 Hybrid Power Wheelchair and R3-HD are true hybrid power wheelchairs. The Alltrack R3 Hybrid is ideally suited to users that need a power wheelchair that delivers the high levels of outdoor performance, comfort and speed of a traditional rear-wheel drive with the manoeuvrability of a mid-wheel drive model.

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Product Highlights


User Weight Capacity

381mm to 660mm

Seating Width Sizes


Overall Length

  • Comfort of a rear wheel drive
  • Manoeuvrability of a mid wheel drive
  • Patented Dual-Action Suspension: Fully independent 6-wheel interactive suspension with vertical shock absorption
  • Stability, speed, comfort, and outdoor performance of rear-wheel drive
  • Compact footprint and turning radius of 550mm provides manoeuvrability similar to a mid-wheel drive
  • Available with centre mount articulating foot platform or independent elevating leg rests
  • Multiple frame, drive wheel and caster options
  • Available in standard (136kg weight capacity) and HD (181kg weight capacity) models
  • Optional community tyres

Ground clearance: 75mm to 90mm
Base length:
Base width:
595mm to 645mm

Base turning radius: 550mm
Overall length: 910mm
Overall width: 595mm to 645mm
Seat width: 380mm to 660mm
Battery type: Two 12V, deep cycle Gell cell Group 22NF (50 Ah) or Group 24 (70 Ah)
Seat to floor height range (With power tilt or seat elevate): 400mm to 485mm
Seat to floor height range (With combo power tilt and seat elevate):
450mm to 470mm
Drive wheel diameter:
320mm to 355mm
Caster wheel diameter:
205mm to 230mm

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