Prescriber Resources

We’ve created a library of helpful resources especially for prescribers, including educational presentations and papers, guides, forms, plus much more.

Cushion Design Principles

  • Cushions & Seating
  • Power Wheelchair Scripting

Wheelchair cushions are designed to address specific seating goals. Each design principle has specific clinical benefits and considerations. Therefore, understanding the design of a wheelchair cushion is critical in achieving the desired benefits to the wheelchair user. This document explains the various design principles that are used in wheelchair cushions and the clinical application that should be considered when choosing a cushion.

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MAT Evaluation 101 – Assessment to Prescription

  • Cushions & Seating
  • Power Wheelchair Scripting

This very informative MAT Evaluation course was presented by Sunrise Clinical Educator, Lisa Bidgood at Power Mobility in 2021. It is ideal for therapists who have recently graduated or those who would like a refresher. The MAT is commonly used by clinicians as part of the seating assessment process. This session was designed to provide applicable concepts to those involved in seating and wheelchair prescription. You can download the presentation here.

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What makes a good cushion? Contours for Posture & Positioning

  • Cushions & Seating

This article encourages you to think more about what goes into a cushion that makes it ‘good’ for one person, but maybe not for another. It unpicks aspects around posture and positioning that can be enhanced by selective contouring.

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Pressure Mapping by Dr Barend ter Haar

  • Cushions & Seating

Dr Barend ter Haar has been involved in seating and mobility for over 30 years, including lecturing internationally, and developing international seating standards. In this presentation, he explains the benefits of pressure mapping.

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RESNA Wheelchair Service Provision Guide

  • Power Wheelchair Scripting

The purpose of the Wheelchair Service Provision Guide is to provide an appropriate framework for identifying the essential steps in the provision of a wheelchair. It is designed for use by all participants in the provision process including consumers, family members, caregivers and healthcare professionals.

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The Application of Tilt, Recline and Elevating Legrests for Wheelchairs

  • Tilt, Recline & Elevation

Tilt, recline and elevating legrests are features that can be operated manually, or as power options that can be added to wheelchairs. The beneficial effects of these are outlined in this paper, supported by scientific literature.

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RESNA’s Position on the Application of Seat Elevation Devices for Wheelchair Users

  • Tilt, Recline & Elevation

This paper shares clinical applications, and provides evidence from supporting scientific literature, regarding the application of seat elevation in powered wheelchairs.

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Dynamic Seating Solutions Presentation Nov 2019

  • Cushions & Seating

This highly informative presentation was delivered to therapists at Power Mobility by Russ Rolt, Director of Sales PDG & Lauren Hunter, Occupational Therapist & Clinical Educator Linds Rehab.

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Therapist Resource – Postural Challenges & Seating Solutions Presentation Oct 2019

  • Cushions & Seating

This insightful presentation was delivered to therapists at Power Mobility by Dr Barend ter Haar from Healthcare Innovations Australia.

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