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Is This Australia’s Best Curb Climbing Powerchair?

If you find climbing curbs and other obstacles a challenge, you may like to consider the robust, Australian-made Magic Mobility Frontier V6 All Terrain powerchair. Designed to provide stabilisation and increase the chair’s capacity for climbing obstacles, the bogie arm is an important feature of the Frontier V6. The two bogie arms each support the castor wheels at the front of the wheelchair.

Better traction

In addition to making obstacle climbing safer, the bogie arms are designed to provide more traction. This makes them really effective on soft terrain, lifting the front castors out of the sand, mud or snow, and providing more traction by pushing the drive (middle) wheels into the ground.

Easy curb climbing

The bogie arm is particularly useful when climbing up and down curbs. When accelerating, the bogie arm and castors lift, essentially decreasing the size of the curb, making it easier to climb. By lifting the front castors, the drive wheel is able to maintain contact with the ground throughout the curb climb process. Curb climbing becomes much safer, as the central drive wheels gain more traction, allowing you to power easily over obstacles.

Similarly, the bogie arm makes going down curbs safer and easier. The bogie arm allows the drivetrain to articulate, pushing the drive wheels intro the ground, so the wheelchair is kept stable, even while going down the curb.

You can reduce the bogie arm lift to suit you. The most effective way to reduce it is to decrease the rate of acceleration. The bogie arms lift in response to faster acceleration, so if you approach obstacles slowly, the bogie arm won’t lift as much.

Watch the video

Watch Magic Mobility’s design engineer, Lachie Daff, explain how the bogie arm works, and why it’s been designed this way.

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