The Pitfalls Of Buying Mobility Equipment Online

Purchasing a mobility aid such as a wheelchair, scooter or lift chair isn’t always a simple, straight-forward process. In most cases, it would be beneficial to seek advice from an experienced sales consultant who is able to recommend which equipment would suit you best.

So if you’re thinking of buying mobility equipment online from a company that doesn’t have a bricks and mortar store, here are some important factors you may like to consider before you buy.

10 traps to avoid when buying online

1. You can’t try before you buy – there’s nothing like actually trying the equipment you intend to buy, before you spend any money. Is it comfortable? Is it durable? Is there an alternative that may suit you better? Sometimes it’s impossible to know the answers to these questions when you buy online.

2. Questionable quality – it’s quite likely you may end up with an unknown brand that won’t last long. It’s much safer to buy from a reputable dealer with a shopfront that stocks well-known brands that are reliable, built to last and easy to get spare parts for.

3. No personal service or expert advice – if you buy online, there may be no personal service at all, and you probably won’t have the benefit of specialist mobility knowledge and expertise.

4. No unpacking, assembly & installation – it’s highly likely that the equipment will be left on your doorstep for you to bring inside, assemble and/or install. This is often not an easy task if you have mobility issues.

5. No product run-through – you’ll probably be relying on the instruction manual alone to get your equipment up and running, and to figure out its functions and capabilities.

6. No packaging disposal – you’ll probably have to dispose of this yourself – often bulky boxes that are not easy to get rid of.

7. No phone or email support – you may receive little, if any, after-sales support, especially if the online business is offshore.

8. Difficulty with warranty claims and spare parts – warranty may not exist or be difficult to claim. Spare parts are usually harder to obtain and may take months to arrive.

9. No convenient service and repairs – you may struggle to find someone with the expertise and know-how to service and/or repair your equipment. Some repairers may not be willing to service inferior, no-name products.

10. No peace of mind – with something as important as your mobility, is it worth taking the risk and possibly ending up with an inferior product? It may cost a little more, but it is definitely worth considering purchasing a quality brand product, recommended by an experienced, local mobility equipment specialist, offering after-sales service and repairs.

Trust the specialists at Power Mobility

At Power Mobility, we understand the importance of having someone you can rely on to make sure you buy the best mobility equipment for your needs. We also appreciate how vital after-sales service is, including maintenance, service and repairs. So before you buy, ask about after-sales service. Many retailers simply sell the products – they don’t offer service and repairs. Power Mobility offer a convenient mobile service and repair centre through our sister company, GS Electronics – a trusted and experienced service provider for over 40 years.

An NDIS Registered Provider, Power Mobility provides the perfect combination of quality mobility products, personal service and expert advice. Widely regarded as the power chair specialists, Power Mobility also offers a wide selection of scooterslift chairsmanual wheelchairs and much more. So give our friendly team a call on (07) 2102 7563 or drop into our showroom in Geebung.