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Pride Mobility Jazzy Elite HD Power Wheelchair

The Jazzy® Elite HD features two-motor, front wheel drive technology and heavy duty construction. This robust power chair features 35.5cm drive wheels for enhanced outdoor performance, combined with a front wheel drive design, allowing tight turns for optimal indoor manoeuvrability in small spaces. Large front wheels that add extra absorption for superb climbing, combine with front anti-tip wheels for handling various terrains with ease. This chair is on the MASS SOA.

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Product Highlights


User Weight Capacity

45.7, 50.8, 55.9cm
(18", 20", 22")

Seating Width Sizes

61cm (24")

Turning Radius

  • Two-motor, front wheel drive
  • 35.5 cm knobby tyres & optimum weight distribution for superior traction
  • NF-22 batteries for maximum range
  • 5 amp, off-board charger

Drive Wheels: 35.6cm solid
Front Wheels: 7.6cm solid anti-tips
Rear Wheels: 15.2cm solid casters
Maximum Speed: 6.4km/h
Overall Length: 90.2cm
Overall Width: 61.6cm
Base Weight: 44kg

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