On Wednesday, 20 November, Power Mobility held another highly informative Professional Development Education Day, with over 20 therapists attending.

On Monday, 21 October, Power Mobility held another successful Professional Development Education Day for therapists. This was our most popular education session for the year so far, with over 30 therapists attending. The presentation, Postural Challenges & Seating Solutions, was conducted by...

Purchasing a mobility aid such as a wheelchair, scooter or lift chair isn’t always a simple, straight-forward process. In most cases, it would be beneficial to seek advice from an experienced sales consultant who is able to recommend which equipment would suit you best.

Australian-made Magic Mobility power chairs are engineered to take you where you want to go. They’re designed to tackle your terrain, whether it’s urban, suburban or off-road. Getting where you want to go and back again really comes down to three things – your power wheelchair’s motors, tyres and batteries.

It’s important to recognise that your wheelchair is both a mobility system (where the chair interacts with the environment), and a seating system (where the chair interacts with the user). As a seating system, the main consideration is how the wheelchair interacts with your body.

Regular maintenance of your wheelchair keeps you mobile and ensures that your equipment is performing at the highest level of safety. Here, we look at some of the most common issues with wheelchair maintenance and how to keep your chair in tip top condition.

On 13 May, we hosted a very informative session for therapists at Power Mobility – Technological Advances in Complex Rehab Power Chairs. This course was conducted by Quantum Rehab’s Director of Clinical Education, Jay Doherty, who was visiting Australia from the US to present at ATSA.

Travelling overseas and immersing yourself in different cultures is a wonderful experience – especially in Europe. However, it can also present many challenges, from lost luggage and flight delays to inferior hotels. For people with disabilities, it can be even more of a challenge.

Power Mobility is proud to announce that we are now a local dealer for Magic Mobility power chairs in Townsville. Through our partnership with Wheelz Mobility, we will be supplying the superb range of Magic Mobility chairs to customers in the Townsville area and beyond.

Do you still want to live at home, but need a little help? A government-subsidised home care package offers support ranging from domestic assistance and clinical services to the purchase of mobility equipment, all with the goal of making living at home as easy and comfortable as possible.