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A Quick Guide To The Most Popular Mobility Aids

Mobility aids are designed specifically to support independence, comfort and accessibility. Innovative steps in design and function mean products are always getting better.

Here are some of the most popular living mobility aids available today and how you can incorporate them into your life.

Mobility Aids in the Home


Indoor products such as the Let’s Go Indoor Walker are designed for ease of use when you need some extra stability indoors. This walker is lightweight and highly manoeuvrable. With an attractive modern design, it provides support around the home without being intrusive.

Bathroom Aids

Power Mobility offers a wide range of bathroom aids including shower seats, benches, commodes and stools. These products are designed to ensure you feel confident, stable and independent while in your bathroom.

Having the correct equipment installed in this area can greatly improve your daily comfort levels.

Bathroom Mats

This simple addition to your bathroom is highly effective. Bathroom mats prevent you from slipping in wet areas and can be placed wherever you need them, including in the shower cubicle or bath. They are affordable and easily cleaned.

Lift Chair

The Lift Chair is a stylish lounge room chair fitted with an electronic device to adjust the height and angle, making it easy to get in and out of. This way, you can recline into your comfortable seating knowing that it’s manageable and accessible.


Ramps can be installed at entrance points to ensure you can safely and easily gain access.

Manual Wheelchair

Manual wheelchairs are a popular choice inside and outside the home. They are manageable, adaptable, and available in a range of styles.

Outdoor Mobility Aids

The range of outdoor mobility aids now available is inspiring, reflecting the innovative world of design and advances in technology. These aids exist to empower individuals at all stages of life, providing unprecedented access to the world around them.

The Magic Mobility Chair

Magic Mobility is an Australian owned and operated company offering a world class product that allows individuals to traverse areas not possible in the standard wheelchair. This chair comes in a fascinating range of designs for different terrains and will bring out the spirit of adventure


Motorised Scooters are perfect outdoor mobility vehicles, especially when travelling at a distance not suitable for a walker. Scooters are convenient, manageable and easily recognised and accommodated in public spaces.

Electric and Manual Wheelchair

This range is ever increasing and effective. Power Mobility offers a range of Pride Power Chairs which can be customised to suit your needs.

Talk to the Experts

If you are thinking of purchasing or upgrading your mobility device, visit our showroom and talk to our experts about your options. Power Mobility provides a unique after purchase care service, with repairs available either on site or through our mobile service. For more information, contact us today.