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The Power Of Social Media In The Disabled Community

Social media is often criticised as a poor substitute for face to face relationships and this is a valid point. But when it comes to sharing information, social media is one of the most groundbreaking advances in the modern world, due to its ability to provide access to a global network.

For individuals who are restricted from directly participating in their world, social media allows for connections to form across physical barriers. This has been massively empowering and exciting for individuals of the disabled community.

The voice we express through a social media platform is not defined by our physicality, but rather thoughts and ideas. This is not to say that barriers don’t exist for social media users with a disability. With programs and software constantly being upgraded and changing, there are access issues which need to evolve just as quickly.

Is Social Media Right for You?

Many people are unsure about using technology as a means of connecting, and this is only natural. Investigating social media platforms can help you to decide if they can work for you.

Knowledge is Power

Even if you only make use of social media to access information, you have broadened your world. With daily advances in technology, improved medications, stem cell procedures and innovative devices, being connected online can open our eyes to the world of possibilities which may not be too far off.

We always have the option to treat the information we find on the internet discerningly and disregard it where it isn’t useful. But being connected online can keep you up to date with what is currently occurring around the globe. It invites you to join the conversation around the topics that are most relevant to you.

Connect and Share

It can be difficult to find the motivation or even the courage to join a support group and this goes for all of us. Joining a support group online is less daunting as it allows you as much privacy as you wish, while still keeping the window open for involvement.

If you are new to social media, here are some ways you might like to use it:

  • Blog: Writing your own blog can be enormously empowering. You can design your publication to function just as you like, from personal sharing to objective observation. Writing a blog can keep you in touch with how you are feeling as well as starting conversations with other blog writers and readers.
  • Facebook: This is a well known and easy to use platform for sharing personal news, memories, topical conversation, photos and more. You can tailor your Facebook usage to your needs and keep it as private as you wish.
  • Twitter: Twitter is great for keeping up to date with world news, politics, and for joining conversations with like-minded people. You do not need to have a previously existing relationship and can connect quickly and easily across many fields of interest.
  • Instagram: If you are a visual person Instagram is a platform that uses images with less of a need for words. You can express your world vision, feelings and experiences using photographs you have taken of the world around you. Easily installed on a Smartphone, Instagram is a rewarding and introspective way of connecting.

Breaking down Stigma

Exposure to the global world through social media has meant that we are no longer living exclusively in our small ponds. With greater exposure comes a break down in prejudice and stigma as we come to realise how varied the human experience really is. Social media groups, conversations, and movements have increased visibility and created an independent voice for many previously marginalised communities.

So, if you feel like joining the conversation, why not find out more about social media platforms.

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