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How To Keep Your Mobility Scooter Going For Years

Mobility equipment is a great investment. It can help you move around, stay independent and go places on your own. It can make a trip to the shops or running errands simpler, easier tasks.

However just like a car, your mobility scooter needs regular maintenance and occasional servicing, to make sure it’s always safe and ready to go. Doing this will make sure your scooter goes for years. So let’s see how to best maintain your scooter.

Look After your Battery

Your battery is one of the most important parts of your mobility scooter, as it contains the power to help you get from A to B.

Charge your battery for 12 hours when you first get your scooter. Make sure you remember to charge your battery after any major use of your scooter. Your model should come with a guideline to battery use and range – but this only applies if you charge them properly! You should also charge your battery every day, even if you haven’t used your scooter.

Also, like a car battery they will eventually fade and even run out, so get them checked by a professional once in a while, to make sure they’re functioning correctly and don’t need to be replaced.

Test Your Brakes

Make sure your scooter’s brakes are working properly, before every trip. You should also get them checked and serviced once a year to make sure your scooter is safe and to ensure it lasts a long time.

Service Your Tyres

Your mobility scooter’s tyres, like any vehicle that is used regularly, are prone to wear and tear, and some can even puncture (depending on the tyre type).

Regardless of the type of tyres your scooter comes with, they should also be checked and serviced regularly, to ensure your ride is safe and to keep it going for years.

Keep It out of the Elements

Although your scooter is durable and able to handle both hot and cold weather, when you’re not using it, try to store it in a cool, dry place. This is to protect both its exterior, as well as the battery. If you’re not going to use it for a few months – perhaps in winter or if you go on a trip, disconnect the battery and store it separately from your scooter.

Be Mindful of Your Key

Not everyone in the world is scrupulous and honourable. Mobility scooters are valuable items. When popping into the shops or leaving your scooter unattended, remove the key and keep it with you to deter potential thieves.

Make sure you follow these simple points to take care of your scooter and keep it going for years on end!